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The Lord is doing amazing things through the ministry of IBOM! From our founding in January of 1996 by Dr. J Wendell Runion, who was joined by Dr. Richard Smith one year later, we have started 352 churches.  These churches are in Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, Lebanon, Egypt, Philippines, SouthEast Asia and the United States.  Assisting in these different fields are President Dr. Richard Smith-International Field Director, Bro. Spencer Smith-Kenya, Dr. Chris Murray-SouthEast Asia, Vice President Dr. Luther Spivey-Mexico, and Bro. Morris Sherlin-USA.  The late Dr. Bud Lance sincerely labored for the Philippine ministry for 16 years before his passing.

In April of 2018 Dr. Runion was called home to be with the Lord.  Upon his passing Dr. Richard Smith became the President of IBOM.  Dr. Smith is continuing Dr. Runion's work and working to reach the goal he set when the ministry was founded of 500 established churches.

The ministry of IBOM was founded as a church planting ministry.  Upon starting this ministry Dr. Runion thought that he would be involved in orphanages, schools and other benevolent work but God kept impressing him that he was a church planter and should stay focused on exactly that purpose.  It seemed the Holy Spirit kept impressing him with this thought, "Don't get side tracked."  IBOM has done exactly that and can now boast about what God has done in establishing 352 churches.  He found out immediately that it was necessary to establish a strong infrastructure in each field of service.  Therefore, it was a neccesity to establish a Bible College in each field to train nationals that would found and pastor local churches.  IBOM has trained these men and then assisted them for an average of three years support and finance property and building by the end of that three years.

In all of these years of work IBOM has experienced a 98% success rate in the founding and continuation of these churches.  We have not done this alone.  Many churches and individuals have contributed millions of dollars over these past 21 years in order to make this all possible.

If you would at all be interested in producing great fruit for your missions dollar please email or call us at our offices and we can explain to you how this can be possible.  Our organization has built well over 100 buildings and bought property for these national pastors.  We through our ministry have seen millions of souls come to Christ through this great effort of planting churches.

IBOM has worked out of NorthWest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, IL where Dr. Keith Gomez is the pastor.  Dr. Gomez has been a wonderful partner in ministry for all these years.  His great stand and reputation have been an asset to IBOM.  Also our colleges are an extention of Providence Baptist College in Elgin, IL of which Dr. Gomez is the president and founder.

IBOM would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Kevin Wynn, missionary in Mexico City, Mexico who is Pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church and president of Mount Zion Baptist College for partnering with us by allowing us to assist 137 of his graduates in planting churches.  He has been very gracious in all of our efforts there.



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