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Welcome to the website and homepage of International Baptist Outreach Missions.  What we are doing maybe new to you but it is not new to the Scriptures.  If you will follow the ministry of Paul the Apostle through the book of Acts you will find that he was doing just what we are doing at IBOM.  He spent his entire ministry travelling and establishing local New Testament churches with someone from that city becoming the pastor.  This all started in Antioch, Syria where they were first called Christians and the church that was established there sent Paul into the known world and his whole purpose was to preach the death, burial, and ressurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and out of that preaching there rose up churches which we read about in the letters Paul wrote back to known as the Pauline Epistles.  Dr. Runion and all the missionaries that work with IBOM have been very grateful for the priviledge of following this pattern.

What God has called us to do does not mean that we think that all are called for the same purpose.  We appreciate every missionary who has sacrificed and gone to their particular field of calling and are behind them and even support some of them monetarily.  Please read and see the following pages for further information about IBOM.

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